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100% Laptop Repair Solution


Damaged Laptop Screen Replacement: - Many times Laptop screen get damaged and you want to replace it immediately. We replace the screen within one day or maximum two days and hand over to you in very reasonable rate with proper installation procedures.

Solution for Laptop Overheating Problem: - After few years you suffer laptop overheating problem, laptop perform very slowly, fan makes frequently. Suddenly stop working and after some minutes gap it starts working again and this cycle becomes routine. If we ignore this problem then overheating kills our valuable laptop motherboard and chances of repairing became very rare. We deeply examine the air circulation system of laptop. If necessary we replace the cooling fan. Finally solve the overheating problem and save your motherboard, save your laptop. Your laptop starts functioning as it was before when you bought it. It takes hardly two to three days.

Replacement of Non-Working Laptop Keyboard :-Some time your whole keyboard not working sometime few keys not functioning in this case we prefer to replace the keyboard in very reasonable rate with our fast response time. It takes hardly one or two days to replace the keyboard.

Solution for Laptop Broken Hinges: - Todays laptops are very delicate, be it any brands. Even proper handling many people have hinges problem with their laptops. Due to broken hinge we cannot lift the screen properly, if we lift the screen it can’t stand properly and we have again same problem while pushing it downwards. We solve this hinge problem permanently either it is one side or both side. You really can use your laptop as before. You don’t have to buy new laptop only for broken hinges. You will never realize your laptop hinges have been replaced. Because it works very smoothly as like any new laptop
Hinges Repair Solution

Laptop Power Adapter, and Batteries : - we supply all kinds of batteries and power adapters of laptop. First we prefer to repair your original one. If it doesn’t work then we have very economical option for power adapters.
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